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I've made a proper PAL config file for AGA MK2. In this profile I've made a custom 720x576 resolution at 62Hz. 720x576 will give the correct PAL aspect ratio. I've also made it so it is 720x288 in regular PAL. This will show the games how they were made to be shown and will show them exactly how an Indivision ECS will with regards to aspect ratio and picture size. It will also make the headroom for games with overscan, like it should. Also set scanlines to 75%. For Interlaced PAL I've choosen 720x576. This way there will be no delay when going in and out of games. Just use high res laced (640x512. will be about 720x566 if you use overscan to fill the screen in workbench) in screen mode under prefs. You can fill the screen in workbench by using overscan. Will and should not be a filled screen for games. Like I have it here with a filled screen in Workbench I could not center the picture for games. It is almost centered though. Does not matter. If you don't use overscan to fill the screen in workbench you can center both.

This looks really good on a 17 inch (5:4/1280x1024) Phillips LED screen I have. If you go bigger than this games will start to look pixelated. 17 inches seems to be perfect. I've also now come to appreciate the clarity and general picture quality that you get out of the AGA MK2 with DVI. And I especially find the scanlines to be very sexy and makes the games look really good. I've started to ignore that the scrolling is not so smooth at 62Hz. In most games I don't notice it anyway.

Here is my config file

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