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Getting Amiga demobase running

OK I finally got some new ideas. First under 7zip I extracted the files to "files here" than I again extracted the files to "files here a second time and I got all the parts of the demobase revealed. But than I copied the grap, splash screenshots over to and created a folder inside of gamebase for Amigademobase and it failed to recognize it. So than I decided I would run the whd load which is supposed to be mounted It was but it says there are no disks inside and when I looked in the Whdload drive all the files in there are compressed as 7zip do I need to decompress the 7zip whd load files? Also while I am able to do this outside of game base I am not able to get it to recognize anything there is no setup to install the demobase that I can see.

Thanks I hope some people are able to follow this

Thanks Methodman
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