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what a huge list of configs

i'm still not sure about the p96/mmulib problem. it is a bit strange.
but you can without a doubt use just one config for those "modern" applications, like dpaint, imagefx, arteffect.
so you wont run into the p96/mmulibs problem too offten

the buzy-pointer thing might be a bug. i'm using the win32 versions only, which does not have that effect so far here on my win7 machine.

btw. latest experimental version of winuae 32bit you can find under this link.
the 64bit experimental version does not get updated that much, latest experimental build dates back to 09/25/2016.
but be aware of some strange behavior if you use them. still keep a working copy of your current winuae.exe winuae64.exe.

I cannot say whats the advantage of the 64bit version. maybe you can increase the emulated amigaos memory
beyond the 32bit limit. maybe a bit faster too. no clue offhand
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