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Still a mystery

I've built 42 configs, custom tayloring each app to the build.

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But, I still am unsure if P96/MMULib is causing conflicts when copying straight to a new directory. (Sometimes it works, sometimes I have to install fresh)


I'm using WinUAE 64 (beta). Sometimes the "..." prompt to open directories, like when I'm choosing an adf in floppy disks, iso's in cd's, or a directory in add directory, the mouse cursor turns into a circle (thinking). So, I quit, restart, and it's back to normal.

I guess this would be a bug(?) or a flaw(?) I'm sure ya'll are probably already aware. Just thought I'd relay that.

Otherwise, everything running good. What is the advantage of a 64 bit version as opposed to the WinUAE 3.3 version? Is 64 bit supposed to have an increased speed or memory capacity or something?

Thank you very much! Brother Jzon
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