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Hi there and a quick question

Hi there from Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands!

Being from the late seventies, I grew up with the ZX81 and later the mighty Commodore 64.

Last wednesday I decided to try my hand on something I always wanted as a teen, but never had.. An Amiga!

I searched online and got my self a real bargain.. An Amiga 500 with 2 joysticks and a Commodore 1084S-D2 monitor.
With the deal came about 100 diskettes, but alas.. they were badly degraded in the last 20-odd years.
So, again search online and got myself the Gotek Floppy emulator yesterday.

Haven't slept this few in years :P

I ran into something today though.. When I tried to load up a commodore 64 emultator on my Amiga, it said I needed to write-protect the floppy it came on.

Anyone know how to do this with a gotek emulator?

Thanks in advance!
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