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Originally Posted by SquawkBox View Post
Well, I don't have an actual miggy anymore, but I suppose more people would play them if the system requirements were lower. I suppose you did your best but still.
That would add very few people and involve a lot of additionnal work - and i don't even have a config to test/debug that.
Perhaps i'm just too lazy, but nevertheless.

Originally Posted by SquawkBox View Post
You didn't offer them as shareware, so IMHO it's not like you're going to benefit much from a wider use, at least in financial terms.
A wider use makes it more worth the effort. I see little point in spending weeks working on some game only few people will play a few times (especially when it doesn't include myself)...
I don't want to make them shareware or otherwise proprietary - they don't really belong to me. Only thing needed is a good motivation ; for now i just don't have it - and being broke doesn't help working for free.

Originally Posted by SquawkBox View Post
I don't think making a straight "please donate" thread would fit our purpose.
What I had in mind was to let people decide for themselves if such a port would float their boat to the point of giving (or giving again) a few bucks to make it happen.
That was exactly my point, in fact.

Originally Posted by SquawkBox View Post
The final step would be to make Moon Patrol or/and Highway Encounter HD installable, I guess but let's not cut corners here.
All my game ports are HD installable - they're made for that and always will.

Originally Posted by SquawkBox View Post
Maybe that would cut costs if someone gifted offered his or her services to disassemble the code , before handing it over to you, good sir (should you agree to the proceedings obviously).
Unless we have something real filthy at play, disassembling the code is actually the smallest and easiest part...
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