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#1) Green Amiga Alien's WorkBench Setup Guides
#2) WinUAE Installation Guide - 1/12 - HardFiles: FFS
[ Show youtube player ]
#3) WinUAE Installation Guide - 2/12 - Hardfiles: PFS3
[ Show youtube player ]

the config dialog / menu structure of winuae has been changed a bit,
since the guides were made, but still of good use.

#4) *ouch* are we talking about ms-dos hardfiles?
in this case, you may use the hardfiles i made for PC task.
i'm not sure if you can use them, but you may try.

#5) installed with ms-dos 6.x hardfiles you can find on the ftp.

they were made for pctask, pcx emulators but maybe they work with the bridgeboard emulaton too.

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