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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
for very few people playing it
Well, I don't have an actual miggy anymore, but I suppose more people would play them if the system requirements were lower. I suppose you did your best but still.
You didn't offer them as shareware, so IMHO it's not like you're going to benefit much from a wider use, at least in financial terms.
Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
the ones for which i get enough incentive
I don't think making a straight "please donate" thread would fit our purpose.
What I had in mind was to let people decide for themselves if such a port would float their boat to the point of giving (or giving again) a few bucks to make it happen. The final step would be to make Moon Patrol or/and Highway Encounter HD installable, I guess but let's not cut corners here. Maybe that would cut costs if someone gifted offered his or her services to disassemble the code , before handing it over to you, good sir (should you agree to the proceedings obviously).
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