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Originally Posted by earok View Post
- Akiko optimisation is the big thing. The game uses C2P for rendering so we've been testing builds using the Akiko for that, and we've seen a big FPS increase. Currently with the test build, cutscenes can still drop down to 50% framerate but ingame framerate is either at or close to 100%.

(Note that this optimisation is only for CD32 of course, and won't benefit regular Amigas. Even SX32 type addons tend to break Akiko support)
I've never heard of the SX32 breaks Akiko support. Is that true across the board or just some quirk of this game? Does it matter which model of SX32 you have - SX32 with RAM & hard drive or SX32 Pro with 68030,RAM & hard drive?

When you say "Even SX32 type addons tend to break Akiko support" what does break mean? The game won't play at all or it'll play but with software c2p instead of Akiko c2p? If the latter, wouldn't it run faster / smoother with an 030 and RAM doing software c2p?

Somewhere I remember reading that at some point (faster CPU more RAM) the software c2p starts to outperform stock CD32 using Akiko for hardware c2p.
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