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Originally Posted by emufan View Post
some time ago, there was introduced a HAM6/HAM8 player, avi4hv - just in case you missed that. (linux based converter: hvconvert)
I had it already on my hard disk, but I didn't get so far to actually use it But now that you mentioned it I gave it another try. I converted a HAM6 video with the linux version and played it on my Amiga.

To play the video (generated for 25 FPS) takes 4:00 minutes (instead of 3). This means it can read&display about 19 frames/s (320x200) from disk. In my video I used 320x251 - which would reduce the max frame rate further. However, it also handles sound - I am not clear how much time playing/reading the sound requires in addition to the graphics.

Even when considering that it is HAM6 (and not HAM8) it has many artifacts - I guess this converter is using only one color palette for the entire video. I will see if I get this working on Windows as well or do you know a linux version for the HAM8 version as well?
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