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Now that's funny! Yes, got to make that load from Texarkana for Little Enos! LOL

Turns out, it's Picasso 96 attaching itself to the directory. (MMuLib installing to SYS) (Might try changing this and seeing if it works)

Yes, start ups. I've managed to add things here. The one I'm using now is User StartUp. (Good luck so far) I just go to the top, press enter to move everything down, type the required start up sequence, exit and save. Not sure where it goes or if you're even supposed to press return at the end of the line. (did so anyway)

My list of apps/configs is growing. I came across one title looking for a key file. (Image Studio) Know of any thing like this in the zone or?? Click image for larger version

Name:	ImageStudioKeyFile.PNG
Views:	52
Size:	357.6 KB
ID:	51000

I found an older post on eab where maybe it was there before. (I'm good with 512 x 512. It's OK.)

Thank you very much! Brother Jzon
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