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Having Problems Loading Second Disk

Hello everyone, I am completely new to the Amiga scene. I have been playing around in FS-UAE and quite frankly, it's been a nightmare. It's taken me quite a long time to get anything working at all. The game I am interested in first is Forgotten Worlds because I am doing a video on it and would like to capture footage of the Amiga version for comparison to the other (nine!) versions of the game.

So far I've managed to get the game working with controller support, sound and full screen (believe me, just getting it running at all took me hours for some reason). Now my problem is, no matter what I do it won't load disk 2. I have no idea why. I have 2 floppy drives selected, drive 1 has disk 1 and drive 2 has disk 2. I also put both on the media swap list. When I get to stage 2 in the game I get an "Insert Disk 2" screen and nothing happens. I tried the F12 screen and switched the disks there but nothing happens either (I've also hit every key on my controller, mouse and keyboard to no avail). I feel like I've tried just about everything. Even tried different ROMS of the game (three to be exact) with the same results.

I also tried disabling the second drive and just using disk 1 and then manually switching to disk 2 using the F12 screen but that didn't work either. Am I missing something? Super frustrated and would love some help because I'd like to try out other games as well. Thanks!
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