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Originally Posted by Zippy Zapp View Post
No doubt about it that the Amiga was not as successful here as in the UK and Europe. My only beef is that the people saying it today:

1. Didn't live here at the time. (or in some cases weren't even born yet)
2. Make it sound like it was completely non-existent.
3. Way under estimate the numbers of units sold in NA (Subjective, as there isn't a lot of sales data but going by UK magazines, which seems to be the statistics people use, is not accurate).
I don't doubt that any of what you said is true.

My personal experience - I was a staunch Commodore fan since '83, I was fascinated with the Amiga before and after launch. I had a subscription to Amiga World from the first issue until sometime in the late 80s and read any coverage I could find in other magazines (Compute, Commodore Magazine, etc.). When my dad needed to buy his first computer for his business in 1990, I unsuccessfully tried to convince him to buy an A3000 rather than a PC.

That said, I do not recall ever seeing the Amiga in the wild during it's production run (or Atari STs, for that matter). Either in stores, school, business, someone's home, etc. It was all 8-bit machines until the late 80s. Then it was mostly PCs, the occasional Mac, and some SGI workstations in college.

Maybe they were more prevalent in other areas of NA, but I never saw one.
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