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Phew, finally got there:

I wouldn't say it was simple Toni; I did as you mentioned in order to get "Hat Switch (X)" & Hat Switch (Y)" setup but no matter what I tried couldn't get "X Axis" & "Y Axis" incorporated also...

In the end I had to:

a) Start with a blank config, set "Hat Switch (X)" & Hat Switch (Y)", plus all "CD32 buttons" and then save as "001.uae".
b) Start with a blank config again, set "X Axis" & "Y Axis" and then save as "002.uae".
c) Copy the relevant entries out of "joyportcustom0=" in "002.uae" and paste at the end of "joyportcustom0=" "001.uae".

So for anyone else with Xbox 360 wireless controllers that's having difficulty remapping to a CD32 joypad; just paste the following over the "joyport1" lines in your configurations:

joyportcustom0=j.0.b.0=JOY2_CD32_RED j.0.b.1=JOY2_CD32_BLUE j.0.b.2=JOY2_CD32_GREEN j.0.b.3=JOY2_CD32_YELLOW j.0.b.4=JOY2_CD32_RWD j.0.b.5=JOY2_CD32_FFW j.0.b.7=JOY2_CD32_PLAY j.0.a.0=JOY2_HORIZ j.0.a.1=JOY2_VERT j.0.a.5=JOY2_HORIZ j.0.a.6=JOY2_VERT

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