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Arrow Highway Encounter (ST port)

A Highway Encounter conversion would be nice, pretty please. There I said it.
At first, I thought about requesting from meynaf a Super Cycle (Epyx) conversion, but as far as I am concerned,
I would rather petition for the recently discovered Highway Encounter ST port, to be itself ported to Amiga.
Speaking about donations, obviously I cannot pay for all of it (since, in PM, he asked me for "a certain" amount,
which is understandable since it should require a few days of hard work). In other words, fellow amigans
who enjoyed previous meynaf's ports from Karateka to Super Sprint
are more than welcome to join me in that effort, feel free to PM me or meynaf (or both) accordingly.
Who knows, we might even get Super Cycle or Moon Patrol done too!
I am hereby assuming Highway Encounter can be ported without too much hassle,
crossing fingers. Here is the direct download link, as the game was being attached as a zipped .ST disk image in tomcat666's thread.
In any case, greetings go to C. Panayi for releasing in 2010 that gem of an isometric game to the ST community (I should say : to what's left of it haha).
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