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Originally Posted by honx View Post
talking about images: is it possible to seperate cdrom/image/adf history for each configuration?
a feature like this implemented would cause much more clearness in context selecting images,
if only discs/images were shown which have actually been used in one particular configuration!
History is global (by design). Mapping it to config files would get quite messy and unreliable (what if config name is renamed?)

Originally Posted by Arnie View Post
If I can just add my 2 cents, Damien.

Starting from CDTV quickstart, no image.
Load .zip file or uncompressed .iso/.cue file
CD starts

.rar files don't work at all and bin files need a .cue file to start.

Toni; When the .zip file is uncompressed does it load any .cue file found by default?

end of 2 cents
rar support needs unrar.dll (it can't be built-in due to license issues)
bin can mean anything, it could have single track only (=it is same as iso) but it can also include multiple tracks. TOC (table of contents) info is only in cue file, without it is useless file. (or rename it to .iso if you are sure it is single track)
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