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Yes, I double-click on either one of my configuration files for:

... AMIGA CD.uae
... AMIGA CD32 [with Full Motion Video cartridge].uae
... AMIGA CD32.uae
... AMIGA CDTV.uae

Emulation obviously starts but I then realise that I haven't selected my image file as yet so:

a) Bring up the GUI.
b) Navigate to "CD & Hard drives".
c) Click "Select image file".
d) Navigate to, double click on my image file.
e) Click "Reset".

The image file doesn't get loaded

I mean try it yourself, use one of the CD32 / CDTV Quickstarts but don't point to an image file before starting. Afterwards add in an image file and reset; it's not picked up (as you would imagine it should be).
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