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A few years ago, when I was living in Melbourne I had a very large (>40") BenQ TV I found in hard rubbish (there was some problems with the audio) which had not one but two SCART ports, and a nice de-interlaced display, so it seems that such a display device can be found on our shores. Indeed it was probably the sweetest display I've ever had for an Amiga, it was the only display I would have seriously considered using (and did use for some applications) super hi-res laced mode. A pity it got stolen.

I'm currently using a component RGB input on my LG TV and feel your inadequate display blues. The big display is great for gaming, but God help you if you're trying to read an 8x8 font on the bastard. And sometimes the colours clash in a way which makes certain colours like full red (F,0,0) bleed all over the place. At least it de-interlaces.

That XRGB interface looks promising, I eagerly await Zetr0's evaluation of it.
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