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Originally Posted by Sephnroth View Post
It IS very expensive for keycaps and I had quite a time explaining to my wife why I needed this But the money isn't just "purchasing keycaps", we are funding the setup to create new keycaps moulds and receiving a set as a reward. Once the moulds are created they can keep manufacturing a previously limited item and it happy days for future fans who crack a key or whatever because we won't be relying on salvage anymore. This is also good for the longevity of Amiga in the world, right? So its sowing a little money into the scene that I love.

That was my excuse anyway! XD

Thank you very much for your support Sephnroth!

This isn't an excuse Sephnroth
What you said is EXACTLY what it is, and it's the truth.

None of are actually buying keycaps.
You help us manufacturing new & necessary tools to produce Amiga keycaps.

Then you get Keycaps as a reward for your help

Of course there is keycaps sets more expensive than others and these Special Edition sets are meant for Amigans understanding that we need funds to make this happen and willing to help us a bit more.
Of course by doing that we offering some more exclusive keycaps sets.

Guys do not forget:
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We should have only ENGLISH & FRENCH support but is IRETROVOLVER joins us we'll have DEUTSCH as well

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