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some time ago, there was introduced a HAM6/HAM8 player, avi4hv - just in case you missed that. (linux based converter: hvconvert)
this one features vid and sound, compared to iff-anims.
starting with this posting, you get some examples on how to prepare your video files - using ffmpeg ( framerate parameter "-r" )
HAM6 / HAM8 conversion finaly done with AVI4HV.EXE / AVI4AGA.EXE (win32 tools)
eg: AVI4HV.EXE video.avi
--> on the following "?" you have to enter the audio file: video.wav - next enter the output file: video.hv
the *.RUN files are the amiga player executables (on the command line, ensure you have no additional space after or infront of the video.hv name).
examples by skullscandle, abbalah & pandy71

@TroyWilkins: i think you were looking for AVI4HV

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