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Originally Posted by TroyWilkins View Post
If I may make a suggestion or two, while this looks great, it also looks like it could have been done in a video editing program, overlaying the video over the top of a still frame. While it may not look as "professional", it would make it look much more authentic if we saw the workbench screen before and after, and if we could see proof that it's on that screen, so perhaps moving the camera so it's not at a perfect 90 degree viewing angle for the whole thing?
Yes, I thought of this as well. If there is interest I thought about doing a making-of, showing 1:1 vs stretched, zooming in and out etc. There is a lot more to say, for example I need to adjust the monitor once the video has started running (zoom in and adjust the clock cycle etc.). Maybe this could be improved when I would run in overscan mode.

Originally Posted by TroyWilkins View Post
I've read about other ways of doing this, instead of using an anim 7 file format, using a more raw data format that takes up much more disk space, but streaming it directly, provided you have a fast enough storage device (which the A4000s IDE may not be fast enough, not sure), but I've seen this done on A500s.
Do you have a link? I have seen a couple of formats mentioned and some videos on youtube but it didn't appear to me that they were using different color paletts (since they had more artefacts). Secondly, can it do 25 FPS? I saw some examples but it didn't look like 25 FPS (doesn't mean that it's not possible).
Streaming would certainly be great, as the size wouldn't be an issue anymore. I am using an Elbox FastATA 4000. I have some 4GB partitions on the hard disk, hence streaming it would be the way to go if it works fast enough.
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