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Slight change of plans and a setback.

I got myself a PCMCIA CompactFlash adapter, and a 4GB CF card to go with it, to make transfers to and from my A600 much easier. All good until I start up the A600 to install the required files to access the CF card via PCMCIA. It booted fine into Workbench, so I inserted the disk that came with the PCMCIA adapter in order to install everything needed for it, and the A600 locked up after opening the disk contents - mouse didn't move, DF0 light stayed on with the motor turning the disk... So I give it the 3 finger salute after waiting about 30 seconds and instead of Workbench booting up, I get the Insert Disk Kickstart screen. Hmm. Opened up the A600, unplugged and re-installed the 2.5" cable, as well as the IDE to mSATA adapter. No change. Sometimes the hard drive light would come on and stay on, other times it wouldn't light up any more than when it should be dim (known side-effect of using the mSATA adapter). Checked the early startup menu and all that was showing was DF0 and CC0. Hmm. This is not good.

So I unplugged the mSATA adapter, and plugged it with the drive still attached into the USB adapter, fired up WinUAE, loaded my 'My Real A600 w mSATA' config, and it booted up no problem from the drive. Put it back in the A600 and no change, not showing in the early startup menu, and seemingly pot luck if the disk activity light would stay on or not.

So, I've ordered a replacement 2.5" IDE cable, which should arrive here on or before the 20th of December, according to the seller on eBay. If that doesn't fix it, I would have to guess it's a problem with the A600 itself - and if so, I might be looking for another A600, or maybe even an A1200...

Anyway, I've been working on my web site, and learning more about the Amiga hardware and software, and that got me looking up genlocks - something I always wanted bak in the day, but never got. And after seeing a few videos on youtube, I think I may get one now, and a video camera to go with it. I think the kids and I could have a heck of a lot of fun playing around with such a setup, and it would really show the creative potential the Amiga platform really had, and still has. I could even get a capture device for my PC to connect to the genlock output and thus record what we make.

If anyone has any ideas regarding the seemingly dead IDE, I'd really appreciate it.
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