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Originally Posted by Anakirob View Post
Interesting, I have a couple of questions.

How much slower would this play on an 020 AGA Amiga? I was of the understanding that displaying a sequence of HAM8 images would be more Copper/Blitter intensive than CPU intensive, so I wouldn't imagine a faster CPU makes much difference (some fastram however would).
I don't know, I don't have a 68020. I tried it in the fs-uae emulator and in 68040 mode it was slightly too slow. On my Amiga it is too slow with anim5 and anim7S. It's only fast enough with anim7L.
Why would it be blitter intensive? Most work is done by the CPU decoding the delta compression of the anim7 into chip mem and then switch between the buffers. The copper lists of the buffer should be the same, only the CPU copies the colors into them for each frame. That's how I assume it works, but I never looked at the code.

Originally Posted by Anakirob View Post
Is Viewtek the only player you tried?
I also tried cyberanim. Cyberanim appears to be 2-3 frames faster, but it cannot handle different color paletts (it runs but creates flicker). With HAM8 and a fixed color palette Cyberanim works OK.

Originally Posted by Anakirob View Post
Finally, you are in the land of NTSC and yet it seems you used a PAL screenmode, is there any reason why? And can you also get 30fps in NTSC mode with 51 less vertical lines?
I am in the land of NTSC but I am using a PAL Amiga (using a power converter).
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