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Amiga 4000/60: HAM8 video playing @ 25 FPS on HD flat screen

Hello - this is my first posting in this forum. I hope it meets the interests here.

Some time ago I discussed with a friend the capabilities of the Amiga. The question was how could one present the Amiga in a way such that it is easy to relate the Amiga's graphics capabilities to a today's PC. So I came up with the idea having the Amiga show a video of about 3-4 mins on an HD flat screen in exactly the same way as a PC does in full screen mode, meaning you can put them side-by-side and it looks almost the same (from some distance).

After several dead ends, flickering screens, and Gurus .. I came up with the following result: With a 68060 and HAM8 I can get 25 FPS at LowRes resolution now. The HAM8 converter png2ilbm, which I found mentioned here in this forum some time ago, worked best for me. I converted a video to an Anim7L with 320x251 @ 25 FPS in HAM8 with a separate color palette in each frame and 3 minutes play length; stretched on the flat screen it appears as 16:9 video. Total ANIM7L file size is 290 MB. It takes 5 min to load the anim7L file into memory (from disk I get only about 12 FPS). It all plays on OS 3.9 (my Amiga has 400MB memory). As player I used viewtek.

Finally, I took a video of the Amiga playing the Anim7L video and added the music (of the original video). My goal was to produce a youtube video that I can show to people who know little about the Amiga and that allows to demonstrate to them how good the Amiga actually was and is today.

Here is the video, in case you want to have a look - I just put it on youtube:
[ Show youtube player ]

If you know better solutions I'd be interested to know more about them.

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