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What version of WinUAE are you using?

I had problems with Monkey Island 1 in R6, but R7 runs it perfectly - haven't tried R8 yet.

Also, that 68040 will be a JIT cpu. Toni mentioned that JIT cpu's are not perfect. For instance, they caused artefacts in WHDload Turrican II for me. Try going back to a non-JIT cpu, like the 680EC20, for games. You might have to avoid using the fastest possible option as it doesn't work correctly in R7, not sure if it's fixed in R8. Instead select the cpu/chipset slider and place it all the way towards cpu.

In R7, I get very good compatibility with WHDload and non-jit cpus.

Also what WB setup are you using? A non-Picasso standard wb 3.0/3.1?
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