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Now you can use the cursor keys to change which settings page is shown in the GUI. Click in (or Tab to) the tree-view on the left, press cursor-up/down to change which page is shown to the right.

But keyboard navigation could be improved a little. On reaching some pages, WinUAE seems to take away focus from the tree-view, meaning you have to shift-Tab back to it to continue moving down. In other cases that doesn't work. If WinUAE were to not focus/activate other controls when the settings page is changed could that fix this inconsistency?

To hopefully show what I mean...
  • Click About in the tree-view.
  • Press Down (Paths settings shown), Down (Quickstart shown), Down (Configurations shown). Pressing Down again doesn't move on to Hardware, because WinUAE seems to activate/focus the list of configurations on the right.
  • Press Shift-Tab six times to return focus to the tree-view. Press Down and Hardware is highlighted.
  • Press Shift-Tab six times to return focus to the tree-view.
  • You can keep tapping Down to move to the next settings page, until CD & Hard drives is shown. While focus seems to remain on the tree-view, pressing Up or Down doesn't change the page. Click on Expansions and you can tap Down again until the Host page. Press Shift-Tab six times to return focus to the tree-view, then pressing Down will again work, until you reach the Input page. Press Tab seven times (or Shift-Tab eight times) to return focus to the tree-view.
  • Tap Down until you reach Disk swapper. As with the CD & Hard drives page, the tree-view seems to retain focus but Up/Down don't move the highlight.
  • Click Miscellaneous. You can tap Down to move to Pri. & Extensions.
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