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Originally Posted by earok View Post
Updated HOTA again, I can confirm it's playable start-to-end without freezes or crashes as I just did play through the whole game in a single playthrough on real hardware (occasional random freezes are still a risk, as they are with literally any CD32 software, and music will lag behind in the three major cutscenes).!hVJATTZB!8X-uvtD6S...XX_p_POzMVJsnU

Note that there are known issues with the included version of Another World, in particular it may freeze triggering the final cutscene. But also there's something else AW related in the works. So while this includes (likely) the final version of HOTA, AW fans might be in for a special treat soon.

(Also I suppose I could investigate Cobe's idea of slowing down the cutscene music tracks so they better align with the playback speed of the cutscenes..)

Edit: Almost forgot, big thanks to DJM for persevering through and fixing all of the CD32 specific issues.
Ive tested it now.
I see the Intro and everything looks fine, but than it stops when i put in the 4 letters on the Screen.
Its no freeze, i can move to the letters and i can put "Ok" or "Del" but nothing happens than. What to do?
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