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I'm currently playing through Quake and Doom on my A1200. I've also been playing Tie-Fighter and Marathon using Shapeshifter, and experimenting getting Tomb Raider running under PC-Task. I mainly have the A1200 on for tinkering but it regularly gets used for internet radio, MP3 and mod playing, occasional basic websurfing, old amiga gaming etc. I think it's the nostalgia factor that sees it getting daily use, and the fact that I like using it because it's a nice thing to have. Similarly the A4000 gets used for tinkering and for comparing against the A1200. I like seeing what I can get it to do. It's in bits at the moment.

Realistically there's little you can 'do' with an old Amiga that can't be done massively faster and easier with a modern PC or through winaue... but that's not really the point of having and maintaining and old machine is it?! Where's the fun in winuae?
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