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Originally Posted by Belgarath View Post
No not a web client, I can connect and list files without a problem, just can't tag em.
oh, ok.
i did the Zippy Search for the file, got listed, and (T)ag failed, but if you (T)ag *
it will select 12 files, index files it seems.
maybe a restriction, until the accounts get verified. i have no clue.

the file i'm looking for is listed in the Boilerroom BBS index, but not in the archive itself. I did a websearch and found the BBS site.

#1) i could now connect using the website-client, i was using the EAB handle
still no joy, (T)ag still not working

#2) just found this in a comment on the BBS -> MasturbationStation BBS changed address it seems: Port 23

#3) afetr login into the BBS you see a userlist, with a column called Flags, -> "---N--" at the moment, other have "---DC--",
so we are New and have to wait

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