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You'll be able to hear a disk that has a problem quite easily. You should not hear any repeating "swoosh swoosh swoosh" sound. The disk should be uniformly quiet while spinning.

If some disks are quiet and some are noisy, then the noisy ones either have some type of debris on them (part of the surface), or the plastic substrate itself has been warped due to heat or pressure from something laying on it.

If all disks are quiet and the results are wobbly, it's the drive or power supply. I have to say though that your disk images are among the worst I have seen so far.

I would never recommend cleaning a disk while it is spinning. All you are doing is moving the debris to other locations and when the inner liner dries, it will drop the debris back onto the disk surface again. To clean a disk properly, you need to clean the exposed surface (through the slot) using a clean cotton swab and 80% or better alcohol. Saturate the cotton swab and lightly (using just the weight of the cotton swab) swipe it up and down (long ways) across the exposed slot. Repeat using new cotton swabs until the cotton swab has no residue (typically dark brown), then rotate the disk 3/4 of the way through the slot and repeat until the entire disk is clean. Yep, it's a pain! Don't forget that the heads are backwards from the physical side... so for a 5.25" disk the bottom side of the disk is the one that is read (until you flip it over)... don't clean the top side of the disk thinking that will make the disk read better.

Also, don't forget that you should be cleaning the heads just about every single time you are dumping a disk.

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