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Mold on floppies has to be quite severe to be seen directly. If you can see it, you'll usually also hear the head squeaking or whining.

When I was dumping some really moldy C64 floppies recently, some of them were slipping quite badly on the motor due to the extra drag. I found that adding some drops of IPA to the floppy surface while it was spinning in the drive lubricated it quite nicely so it would spin without slipping and I had much better success in dumping the contents. I don't know if it causes any damage to the disk or drive but since IPA is used for cleaning both things I wouldn't think so. Just let it spin until it has completely evaporated again so the IPA won't stay inside the floppy for a long time which could possibly damage the surface (or it might also inhibit further mold growth - who knows? ).
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