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I have the drive in an old SCSI enclosure, powering it from the enclosure's supply. I measured 5.1V at the Molex connector with the drive powered on but inactive. I replaced the Molex-to-floppy power adaptor I was using, no change.

(Drives are specified to have a much larger maximum current draw than the 500mA provided by a USB 2.0 port, so I didn't want to risk damaging my laptop powering the drive from USB via the SCP board.)

Looking at the Elite dump using the HxC software that emufan mentioned, it's clear that something is amiss because the bitcell timings look "wobbly" in the graph. With various other disks though (see the TransWrite dump), the lines are much smoother. Perhaps this drive has trouble rotating some disks at the correct speed, maybe if the disc is physically harder to turn in its jacket???

Next step will be to power the drive from a different supply. Then if that doesn't help swap out the drive. It was manufactured in 2006 and was in storage since then. Could a dried-out/leaky capacitor in the drive explain it?
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