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Aeon: the french shop lists a P5020 @2GHz - strange. not sure what the final product will come with. perhaps they will offer pro/low end versions? i have no idea.

Vampire: it was discussed producing asics, since they would allow much more speed compared to fpga. if at all, this woul take place somewhere in the future.
the fpga core is still in development, while new features will be added.
updates are delivered on a steady rate. so using fpga now, is the best way.

vampire currently use a more or less "simple framebuffer" for their rtg facility.
thiis might evolve in something supporting basic 3D fucntionality in the future.
since the developer team is small, all this will take time.

if i'm not wrong, the 3dfx/voodoo driver was done for the elbox pci expansion boards. this one for example.

funny, most people don't understand the difference between freedom and buying/renting freedom
so true
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