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I'm seeing development, as with 3dfx, is closely aligned with hardware and software.

Also seeing how development as a whole depends a lot on the processor(s).

I try contact Aeon yesterday about the x5000. Why is the American site showing ppc e5500 as the processor? I thought it was supposed to be the nxpP5040quad.

As far as Vampire, aren't we trying to stay pure to form, as like asic as opposed to fpga? (waiting on response about Amiga on flash drive)

I tried to contact the guys concerned with the microprocessor in Amigas and now I don't know who is concerned with the microprocessors in 3dfx. (The Amiga guy works in a nuclear facility now, if I'm not mistaken. There's also a board guy. Didn't hear from him either.)

I think they have fallen victim to having been 'bought out'. (I would've taken the money and given the Amiga community what they need) (It's funny, most people don't understand the difference between freedom and buying/renting freedom)

Thank you very much! Brother Jzon
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