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Originally Posted by prowler View Post
Your thread has been merged with this earlier one.
Thank you very much Prowler and sorry for the trouble.
I was looking for a way to do that with my announcement on top.

Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
The special edition color sets should just be an option that anyone can order (for a premium), they would look cool with a standard black case.
The SE Colors were chosen by our partners to suits their previous SE A1200 Cases.
And all SE's purpose are here to help this campaign to reach the goal.
The same purpose SE Cases had on the Case campaign.

Please understand that we had to find ways to give something "special" to backers accepting to support the campaign on a higher premium tier.

Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
Still no keyboard, just keycaps.
Hold on buddy,
This is coming 2017 hopefully. And you're going to like it

Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
It wouldn't hurt if they threw in a few extra alt and Amiga keys, since they tend to run away first of all.
That is an excellent suggestion idrougge, thank you.
We'll add this together in first stretch goal.


Thank you all for your support guys as well as for your helpful suggestions.
KS page are currently being updated for better visibility regarding the currency issue.

We had no choice but to be on SGD as this is KS rules.
Currency has to be from country of PM.

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