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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
I think the keys look nice but seem very expensive

Also (for the lazy people) there should be an option to buy a whole working keyboard rather than swap all those keys.
My price for a SE set+shipping cost is ~€95 which in the real world outside Amigaland buys you a fairly premium complete keyboard.. but, we all know the circumstances here.. ;-)

Regarding the lazy-man solution keyboard.. They's need to scout potentially hundreds of second hand but working Amiga keyboards, and also, decide which model to find.. A500, A1200, big box amigas etc..
And then do they give you a warranty on that used keyboard etc..?
Not gonna happen, Im afraid. Although worry not, swapping keys is easier than you might think.. you can do it in 15 mins easy.. I've done it a couple of times ;-)

@idrougge.. I edited previous post with clarification. It was not the best choice of words, but in short, I meant "standard color options as opposed to Special Edition color options".
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