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Originally Posted by honx View Post
...anyway, i managed to download an old winuae 0.8.8 release 3 for test purposes.
i had to run this old piece of emulator on an old windows 98 pc for it to work.
booting old 1999 configuration in its original home environment works no problem.
there is no uaegfx error or similar in winuae 0.8.8 r3, workbench 3.1 just boots.
something in emulation must have changed along the long journey of winuae.
before toni wilen there were matthias ortman and brian king and who else?
where can i read development history of uae/winuae? curious about beginnings.
and i'm interested in "milestones" each version of the emulator had to offer.
for example, when was aga implemented, when rtg, when was 030 added, etc.
It sounds like you could use a compilation of old WinUAE versions before Toni Wilen became the sole developer.

I shall compile one if there is both sufficient interest and no objection.
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