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Originally posted by IFW
Obviously, have no doubt about that for a single second.
"All the good people who are going to pay are our friends"

If you remember the "unathorized" press release, it clearly stated they want to turn a non-paying free community into a milking machine with almost these words.
Funny thing is that the so called "unathorized press release" have been passed onto other media, without much change and has not been withdrawn at all. Probably another mistake...

They are simply playing friendly on the community, while they are preparing to backstab them big time.
Reminds me of the settlers and conquerors who gave shiny things and stuff to the natives as a show of goodwill, until they could kill, exile or enslave them all.
It worked for centuries, if they are sheeps believing this friendship crap it is going to work now.
History repeats itself as usual, but since you have the advantage of knowing history this time you can do against it happening again.

Actually I find their good cop bad cop and now marbles to the natives tactics fairly arrogant, and those who buy into that deserve to suffer anyway.
It is also rather cynical to thank the community to keeping their forthcoming business alive, like a spit into their face and laugh.

Couldn't have been better summed up IFW.
@Akira-I'm surprised at "certain" gullible utterances over @Lemon about these parasites. Although I think the speculations over possible overtures into areas like mobile phone games would sound very feasible & logical.
Of course funding certain prominent "fansites" like Lemon would represent an excellent opportunity to remove the "free with author permission" type downloads,not to mention the control over a well-known forum area.

I find it ironic, they claim that they want to stop Highstreet stores "illegally selling emulators/games"...but as has been highlighted already,how does that differ from what they themselves want to do? Hypocrites. The "wait & see" crowd better not be surprised when they get splinters sitting on the's niave to think they're going to support anyone but themselves.
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