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KS Campaign: New Compatible Keycaps for all Amiga Classic keyboards

Dear Amigans,

The Team and I are honored to announce our next KS campaign after the previous one for the A1200 cases has been launched yesterday afternoon.

We've been waiting for cases mass production to start so that we could unveil what we were working on for quite some time now!

I also would like to share my personal thanks here to some key people who helped a lot to bring this new campaign alive and make it possible:
- Bill/Josh/Marcel/Feub/Kay/Sekea/Henrik/Grace/Gwen/Eric/Marc/Charlie/Paul/Angela/Jerry/Marvin/Seppo/Ramon/Allister/Lukhash/Oliver (x2) Etc...

There is so many awesome ppl out there who love the Amiga and the retro scene! Kudo guys!

The Campaign Link

Please note:
Campaign currency is SGD (Singapore Dollars)
- $1 SGD ≈ $0.71 USD
- $1 SGD ≈ €0.66

I live & work in SG.
Previous campaign was held by me and Friends in France while i had extended vacations there. That's explain why it was in € previously.

Campaign informations:
This new campaign has been tough to set up due to the fact that it is necessary to create specific keycaps molds.
And for this fullset we need 18 of them (as much as profiles)

Have a look at Fullset details:
  • Each Sets contains 108x keycaps
  • Each Sets contains 12x extra keycaps (96+12=10 for compatibility purpose.
  • Sets are compatible with ISO & ANSI Keyboards
  • Compatible with A500/A600/A1200/A2000/A3000/A4000/CDTV keyboards. Incompatible with A1000.
  • Keycaps are compatible with Mitsumi Hybrid Switches only.
  • Each Sets contains 100x Springs.
  • Sets also contains 16x replacement plastic clips
  • Regular color sets available to match New case colors
  • Special Edition color sets available to match SE case colors.
    These Sets are limited to the campaign and have been designed by our partners.
  • Several Keyboards Layout are available. (No Klingon yet...)

A simulator has been set up on A1200.NET website:
Keycaps & Cases Color Matching SIMULATOR

Galleries with Regular colors and Special Edition keycaps is available:

Thank you for your support on both campaigns.
This community is awesome and YOU are the ppl who are making Amiga great again!It is because of you that we now have new A1200 cases.
And the team and I do have several other following plans to bring alive again what a lot of people thought were dead


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