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it was discussed to organize a bounty to free Picasso96/CyberGraphix.
but some individual/schoenfeld/individual computer is about to buy it on its own,
even while he has nothing to offer around rtg - he is just nasty - to say the least.
but thats another story - not worth to discuss, since he is living in is bubble.

alot of those reverse engeneering is already build in Winuae. Toni Wilen did a great job with probing the amiga
hardware with oscillator and such technical stuff.

the Vampire Apollo Project is based on those rocketscience too.
they rebuild the amiga chip-set with VHDL and backed it into a chip.
they plan to release a standalone version of their card, which may fit one day on a thumbdrive.
like an amiga-(amazon)-stick or something
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