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Triple response wrapped in a paradigm shift

New computer!

The x5k.. P5040quad!! Like x1000, if expanded, what is it's ghz? (I wonder what rtg.. stuff it's evolved to)

I did manage to find a guesstimate from an expert in Germany, upwards of a million. Why not fundraise for something less expensive, as far as rtg? (Like Amiga on a thumb drive (sold separately) plugged into a custom rtg box with all sorts of other things) Has anyone done this? (put an amiga on a flash drive too?)

What if one were to find an actual a4000t and backwards engineer this? Is this what one refers to as, "cracker"?

Thank you very much! Brother Jzon
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emufan. thank you. thank you. as always. great links. checking out now.
idrougee. thank you. thank you. you have call.
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