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Originally Posted by Cobe View Post
Is there an easy way to see which ones work(at full speed) on stock 020 AGA no fast mem?
I don't think so, but like there'd been similar thread somewhere, but can't remember where

I guess pre 1995 demos are likely to run on a stock machine, but since then 030/50 became de facto, until 060/50 replaced it after few years.

In any case, don't miss Nexus 7 from Andromeda, it's the best 020/AGA demo ever

Hard to remember after all these years what other good stuff there were before accelerator times... but at least Real by Complex, Lech and Wit Premium by Freezers, CCCP by Juliet and Case, Polka Brothers demos like Gevalia or Friday at 8, G-force by Pygmy Projects, Symbolia by Access, Mindflow by Stellar, Deep & Deep The Psilocybin Mix (probably ran on a stock machine too?), maybe Crazy Sexy Cool by Essence runs too? Hmh.. seems to be too hard to remember if you haven't used non accelerated A1200 since then :P

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