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I assume you're on Linux as the file you uploaded is a tar.xz archive.

Have you tried to convert these to ipf with disk-tools ?

According to formats file they should all be supported.

Tested them myself, only Zool from Amiga Zool Pack seems to be okay:
disk-analyse -f"Zool" Zool_disk_1.scp Zool_disk_1.ipf
T0.0-0.1: AmigaDOS
T1.0-78.1: Gremlin Graphics
T79.0: Unformatted
T79.1: Gremlin Graphics
T80.0-83.1: Unformatted
The rest of them not so much:
disk-analyse -f"F17 Challenge" F17_Challenge_disk_1.scp F17_Challenge_disk_1.ipf
T0.1: sectors 1,2, missing
T0.0-0.1: AmigaDOS
T1.0-52.1: RNC PDOS
T53.0: Unformatted*
T54.0: Unformatted*
T55.0: Unformatted*
T56.0: Unformatted*
T56.1-79.1: RNC PDOS
T80.0-83.1: Unformatted
** WARNING: 5 tracks are damaged or unidentified!

disk-analyse -f"Populous" Populous.scp Populous.ipfT76.1: sectors 3, missing
T77.1: sectors 1, missing
T78.1: sectors 10, missing
T79.1: sectors 9, missing
T0.0-79.1: AmigaDOS
T80.0-83.1: Unformatted
** WARNING: 4 tracks are damaged or unidentified!

disk-analyse -f"Zool" 3_of_6_Zool_Disk_1_of_2.scp 3_of_6_Zool_disk_1_of_2.ipf
T0.0: sectors 4, missing
T0.1: sectors 4, missing
T0.0-0.1: AmigaDOS
T1.0: Gremlin Graphics
T1.1-6.0: Unformatted*
T6.1: Gremlin Graphics
T7.0: Unformatted*
T7.1: Gremlin Graphics
T8.0: Unformatted*
T8.1-9.1: Gremlin Graphics
T10.0: Unformatted*
T10.1: Gremlin Graphics
T11.0-11.1: Unformatted*
T12.0-33.0: Gremlin Graphics
T33.1: Unformatted*
T34.0-74.0: Gremlin Graphics
T74.1: Unformatted*
T75.0: Gremlin Graphics
T75.1: Unformatted*
T76.0: Gremlin Graphics
T76.1: Unformatted*
T77.0: Gremlin Graphics
T77.1: Unformatted*
T78.0: Gremlin Graphics
T78.1: Unformatted*
T79.0: Unformatted
T79.1: Unformatted*
T80.0-83.1: Unformatted
** WARNING: 24 tracks are damaged or unidentified!

disk-analyse -f"Sensible Soccer" 1_of_6_Sensible_Soccer_Disk_1_of_2.scp 1_of_6_Sensible_Soccer_disk_1_of_2.ipf
T0.0: sectors 3, missing
T0.0: AmigaDOS
T0.1-30.0: Sensible Software
T30.1: Unformatted*
T31.0: Sensible Software
T31.1: Unformatted*
T32.0-79.1: Sensible Software
T80.0-83.1: Unformatted                                                                                       
** WARNING: 3 tracks are damaged or unidentified!  

disk-analyse -f"Elite" 6_of_6_Elite.scp 6_of_6_Elite.ipf                                                                               
T26.1: sectors 2, missing                                                                                     
T27.1: sectors 2, missing                                                                                     
T28.1: sectors 2, missing
T29.1: sectors 2, missing
T30.1: sectors 2, missing
T31.1: sectors 2, missing
T32.1: sectors 2, missing
T33.1: sectors 2, missing
T34.1: sectors 2, missing
T35.1: sectors 2, missing
T36.1: sectors 2, missing
T37.1: sectors 2, missing
T38.1: sectors 2, missing
T39.1: sectors 2,3, missing
T40.1: sectors 2, missing
T41.1: sectors 2, missing
T42.1: sectors 2, missing
T43.1: sectors 2, missing
T44.1: sectors 2, missing
T45.1: sectors 2, missing
T46.1: sectors 2, missing
T47.1: sectors 2, missing
T48.1: sectors 2, missing
T49.1: sectors 2, missing
T61.1: sectors 9, missing
T62.1: sectors 9, missing
T63.1: sectors 9, missing
T64.1: sectors 9, missing
T65.1: sectors 9, missing
T66.1: sectors 9, missing
T67.1: sectors 9, missing
T68.1: sectors 9, missing
T69.0: sectors 2, missing
T69.1: sectors 9, missing
T70.0: sectors 2, missing
T70.1: sectors 9, missing
T71.0: sectors 2, missing
T71.1: sectors 9, missing
T72.0: sectors 2, missing
T72.1: sectors 9, missing
T73.0: sectors 2, missing
T73.1: sectors 9, missing
T74.0: sectors 2, missing
T74.1: sectors 9, missing
T75.0: sectors 2, missing
T75.1: sectors 9, missing
T76.0: sectors 2, missing
T76.1: sectors 9, missing
T77.0: sectors 2, missing
T77.1: sectors 9, missing
T78.0: sectors 2, missing
T78.1: sectors 9, missing
T79.0: sectors 2, missing
T79.1: sectors 9, missing
T0.0: AmigaDOS
T0.1: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T1.0: AmigaDOS
T1.1-24.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T24.1: AmigaDOS
T25.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T25.1: AmigaDOS
T26.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T26.1: AmigaDOS
T27.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T27.1: AmigaDOS
T28.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T28.1: AmigaDOS
T29.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T29.1: AmigaDOS
T30.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T30.1: AmigaDOS
T31.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T31.1: AmigaDOS Extended (Sync, Header)
T32.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T32.1: AmigaDOS
T33.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T33.1: AmigaDOS
T34.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T34.1: AmigaDOS
T35.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T35.1: AmigaDOS
T36.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T36.1: AmigaDOS
T37.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T37.1: AmigaDOS
T38.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T38.1: AmigaDOS
T39.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T39.1: AmigaDOS
T40.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T40.1: AmigaDOS
T41.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T41.1: AmigaDOS
T42.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T42.1: AmigaDOS
T43.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T43.1: AmigaDOS
T44.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T44.1: AmigaDOS
T45.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T45.1: AmigaDOS
T46.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T46.1: AmigaDOS
T47.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T47.1: AmigaDOS
T48.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T48.1: AmigaDOS
T49.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T49.1: AmigaDOS
T50.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T50.1: AmigaDOS
T51.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T51.1: AmigaDOS
T52.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T52.1: AmigaDOS
T53.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T53.1: AmigaDOS
T54.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T54.1: AmigaDOS
T55.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T55.1: AmigaDOS
T56.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T56.1: AmigaDOS
T57.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T57.1: AmigaDOS
T58.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T58.1: AmigaDOS
T59.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T59.1: AmigaDOS
T60.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T60.1: AmigaDOS
T61.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T61.1: AmigaDOS
T62.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T62.1: AmigaDOS
T63.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T63.1: AmigaDOS
T64.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T64.1: AmigaDOS
T65.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T65.1: AmigaDOS
T66.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T66.1: AmigaDOS
T67.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T67.1: AmigaDOS
T68.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Header)
T68.1: AmigaDOS
T69.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Sync, Header)
T69.1: AmigaDOS
T70.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Sync, Header)
T70.1: AmigaDOS
T71.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Sync, Header)
T71.1: AmigaDOS
T72.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Sync, Header)
T72.1: AmigaDOS
T73.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Sync, Header)
T73.1: AmigaDOS
T74.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Sync, Header)
T74.1: AmigaDOS
T75.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Sync, Header)
T75.1: AmigaDOS
T76.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Sync, Header)
T76.1: AmigaDOS
T77.0: AmigaDOS Extended (Sync, Header)
T77.1-79.1: AmigaDOS
T80.0-83.1: Unformatted
** WARNING: 54 tracks are damaged or unidentified!

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