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Thank you for clearing that up.

It seemed like in the early days, everything was all available. It was a different time. Life was a party, and the party was life. I thought for sure the direction was going like at the end of the movie, "Tron" (the first one).

I try to contact experts or nxp, for example, and get caught up in a maze of links. (crazy)

Whatever happened to Cotton Candy? I was thinking a bunch of these daisy chained in a hollowed out c=64 might be cool. RollTop looked cool. The P5040quad surfaced in my searches. Found writeups on x5000 and nxp/freescale's computer.

Still haven't found a benchmark for the fully expanded x1000. My guesstimate (as far as mhz) was 5.8 ghz.

Wasn't the genie out of the bottle for a little while there? Does Hyperion hold the key (so to speak)? It's funny, it was all a blur. I remember (like Phil Donahue) heated arguments, lawsuits, then I move to Hawaii and the next thing I know I'm buying an Abox from Mat over at Amigakit. LOL (left it in hawaii) (aunt might still have though)

(spent over a grand or so with shipping from uk. lol)

(came with a big dent from shipping. but it worked. interesting machine. I think it was an a1200 inside)

No, first it was c=64, (Santa), then I bought the a500 in '87, then 15 years drip away, bam, macmini, another half a decade, Toshiba P6000 laptop new oldstock ($329.99) and in between time I'm looking online at things like sgi workstations while playing cutting edge racing games like burnout. So that would be Pong, Atari2600/5200/Odyssey2000, c=64/datacassette(Jumpman)(then floppy), Amiga, Dreamcast!, PS2, (Ratchet & Clank) stop. Followed regular drafting, Cadkey (Commodore), AutoCAD(adv10), Modeler/VideoScape3D, witnessed first touchscreen multimedia computer at the '90 Commodore Convention in Atlanta and a working VT setup a few years after that, then bought modo 201, then got into gimp, inkscape, ai, and svg.

(video games and watching wcw wrestling stifled a lot of learning)


(Oh yeah, made the smiley face on c=64 following the instructions verbatim and hours typing in basic making sure the syntax was correct. lol) (Had better luck recreating the board from the arcade game Popeye. Because the symbols under the keys were many.) (also witnessed KoalaPad)

Now I see a full gaming pc, new, buy it now, for $400, coming in at a whopping 4 ghz.

I know a couple of guys I could contact. One's a silicon valley tech, the other does modifications (and a successful business at that). (I'd need a physical device, could just buy one.)

If you could select the best of the best rtg's which one would we pick for the proposal?

Thank you very much! Brother Jzon

(Also saw A4000t being bid on, not buy it now, out of austria) (wasn't Poland the first guys to make a 64 bit elbox or something like this?)
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