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Toni Wilen
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Beta 16:

- uaenet.device unit 0 and 1 (slirp units) didn't open (some previous beta)
- Floppy drive sound volume labels were swapped.
- HDF create size option now accepts decimal numbers. (4.5 = 4.5M. Size is always truncated to 512 byte boundary)
- Microbotics HardFrame SCSI controller emulation. v1.5 ROM added.
- Mainhattan A-Team IDE controller emulation. v1.8. ROM added.
- Immediately free previously allocated screenshot data if screenshot parameters change. (No need to close and open GUI)
- Improve floppy selection drop down behavior. Don't select image until drop down gets closed, sort history list only after combo box loses focus to allow keyboard shortcuts to work properly, cursor up/down works without qualifiers.
- GUI tab-key order updated.

Microbotics HardFrame:
- Adaptec AIC-6250 SCSI chip. Possibly only Amiga controller that uses this chip. Slightly more advanced than 5380.
- True DMA! Off the self 68430 DMA controller.
- v1.5 ROM ("MicroBotics HardFrame Driver 1.5")
- Incomplete emulation, only driver required SCSI chip and DMA controller features are emulated.

Mainhattan A-Team:
- Yet another basic PIO IDE controller.
- v1.8 ROM ("ateam at-bus device driver (romversion) V1.8 (19-Jun-92)"
- "ateam.asm,v 92/05/20 20:44:21 ML Rel $ Copyright (c)92 by MAINHATTAN-Data. Written by Mike Lamm. All Rights reserved!"
- Does not seem to support custom filesystems.
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