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I haven't heard from D.J.M in awhile but I've uploaded another version that (for now) I consider the final beta.

It uses CD music and it has a workaround for the freezing issue - when the game freezes, lift the lid for a brief moment and it should come back to life (CD32 will not reboot). I know it's not ideal but it should allow you to (hopefully) play the whole game without needing to reboot. So far as the exact executables go, it's the same as before, just with a utility added to prevent the CD32 from rebooting upon lifting the lid.!EB5wWYgQ!INhHEHPI4...FWSIEvHv3TstIU


There are parts of the game (such as falling down the hole near the start) where the game will freeze with a black screen, and opening the lid will not fix this issue. When this happens, just leave the console running until the current CD track finishes, then it'll resume.

In short, if the game is frozen in the middle of action and the music has stopped playing, lift the lid. If you've got a black screen and the music is still playing, wait for the game to resume. I know it's all very messy but it's the best I can provide for now.


Ok, the waiting for resume didn't work on a real console.. DJM has gotten back in touch, I won't post another beta unless we can get it running all the way through (presuming I'm able to beat the thing!)

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