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Originally Posted by Methanoid View Post
[ in a tiny high pitched voice.. ] Yes please...

Just want to unpack them all to an Amiga HDF or to a PC NTFS folder I can use for WinUAE to access as an Amiga HDD ??
Here's something that should do it, do you want to test this out? It's just a quick amigados script to unpack stuff into initial letter folders. Works for lha and zip. You'll need lha and unzip in your C: directory.
Unzip this, put the two scripts into a folder on the amiga, and using the cli CD to that folder and do "execute listAndUnpack inputdir outputdir" where inputdir is where your packs are e.g. DH1:mypacks (put your lha and zip packs here) and outputdir is where they will be unpacked to e.g. DH1:mygames
So: execute listandunpack DH1:mypacks DH1:mygames
It won't overwrite archives it has already unpacked so you can keep adding packs to your inputdir and running the script, and it will just unpack the new ones to your outputdir.

Well give it a try anyway and report back if it doesn't work.
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