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good we make some progress

SetPatch-43-6b.lha (SetPatch 43.6b) - replace with your version.
maybe just rename your setpatch to setpatch_old and use the one from the link.
i have this version too , not sure if there is a more recent.

aladdin -> DPaint: i have the same issue, dpaint installed, but "cannot find ...",
cannot find a "configure path" or something in Aladdin.
==> it is a simple script Aladdin4dTools:RunDPaint
you have to edit with a texteditor and enter the path to dpaint.

in a shell: ed Aladdin4DTools:RunDPaint

hmmm. i changed the path to my dpaint, but it still does not start from inside aladdin, strange thing.
dunno what one has todo to make this work. since it isnt essential for Aladdin, it shouldnt be a big deal. ,

btw: setting for Winuae (F12)
-> Hosts -> Miscellanous -> Graphic API tested DirectDraw vs Direct3D already?
maybe you can gain some speed with one of the settings.

-> Host -> Filters - set NUllFilter or None or even NoScaling on one of the drop-down menus.
just in case you use some filters, which needs some cpu resources .

-> Host -> Display -> those line Modes and/or Buffering. maybe you can gain some percentages here aswell, if any.
worth a try, i think

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