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Nice little lesson in Cli. Thanks. Not sure if I'm up to that. (Will get to it though)

OK. I tried going to my cleanest install (WB3.9bb2) and adding my art programs first, both working as expected, then installing Picasso96Update with P II Update, (DPaint IV works, DPaint V does not), then installing MuLib (which enables Aladdin 4D_040), and DPaint IV is working but DPaint 5 is not.

That's great!

So I can still access DPaint IV, which is what I'm really on anyway, and use Aladdin 4D side by side.

But, I noticed in my own instructional video, the version of setpatch I'm using, MuLib doesn't recognize. and it fails on that aspect of the install. (everything else working smooth)

Click image for larger version

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I was thinking maybe if I installed Picasso96 first, it would've supplied a setpatch of it's own (MuLib would recognize). But this way I got the same error. If it's asking for setpatches from 3.5, shouldn't 3.9 have the 44.xx versions? (note to self: Maybe I try CyberGraphX and Picasso96 with new P II update first, then MuLib)

It was DH0:


Then it asks for the disk, no prob, I have it from here..

OK. Other than DPaintV not working in this config, which by the way, would be perfect on it's own config anyway, when I try Aladdin4D's project menu/tools/DPaint, it still shows can't find tool. I'm thinking there is a way to assign this within Aladdin4d, and I just haven't found it yet.

So all is good. I'll report back if I find out. Also will report back if anything new with WinUAE beta enables DPaintV when using Picasso96. I found the controls for the native Amiga items, still have to try different combos there.

OK. Thank you very much! Brother Jzon Standby.. .. ..
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