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Originally Posted by JZon View Post
Thank you.

But, put that attachment back. I don't want you to waste your upload space.

It's OK. I had view all files selected. Just didn't notice the slider had more in the drawer. It was there. (fonts) I moved them to the fonts drawer of the A4000 build and it's back in service.

For clarification, is the A4000 directory (where I moved the fonts) considered the SYS directory?

Wow! Direct link to beta! Awesome. (That saves me a step) This is exciting.

Thanks for the FileZilla info. Never knew this. The possibilities are looking limitless.

I tried the install DPaintIV script. (And had success in the past) This time I don't know what I'm (not) doing. Maybe because the DPaint IV drawer already exists??

Attachment 50823

Not that it matters. It's working now. (I just thought the install would've made accomplished this.)

Still working on native Amiga options in Picasso... ... ...
ok attachment removed, the slider issue is a bug of diskmaster, i get here to, otherwise it works ok, just have to push "clear" and the lists will be there again, as expected.

the lines in your config:
filesystem2=rw,DH0:A4000:C:\Program Files (x86)\WinUAE\A4000,0
uaehf0=dir,rw,DH0:A4000:C:\Program Files (x86)\WinUAE\A4000,0
DH0: is the device, and A4000 is the device-name ( someone may correct me)
but you can use both, like this:

in this case SYS: is equal to DH0: and A4000:
it is your only hdd/partition, which you boot from, so it is sys:

dpaint install:
in the path you have a space between DH0: and A4000
(btw. those ancient install scripts are a disgrace )
try DH0: or A4000:
sometimes it is adviced to have a path like this:
(incase the installer will not create an extra subfolder)

you can just list FONTS: or SYS:FONTS or A4000:Fonts with diskmaster, look for the folder dpaint and the dpaint.font file.
dpaint folder holds 2 files ( 5 and 8, which are the fonts sizes)

Still working on native Amiga options in Picasso... ... ...
you dont have to, if you just choose in Prefs/Screenmode a uaegfx graphics mode, your workbench will run under picasso 96/RTG.
once you start DPaint you can choose a screen mode for dpaint, independent from what you have choosen for the workbench screen.
in DPaintV you may choose those UAE modes too, it will open a second RTG screen.
btw, those RTG screens you cannot pull down, this does only work with native amiga screenmodes.

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